Aryabhatt ‘The GOD of Technology’

Today each and every thing is becoming digital or already became a part of digital technology. It’s true that the father of computer is ‘Charles Babage’. But the fact that can’t be ignored is that computer don’t understand human language, computer runs on binary code.
Binary Code doesn’t have any letters or special characters it contains the serial coding of 0(s) & 1(s) in sets of array, which simply means that if they have already found numbers from 1 to 9 but still they can’t imagine the impossibilities of technology without π, 0 & decimal. Therefore only the Aryabhatt was the one who come up with these basic and most irrelevant discoveries. He didn’t discover them (actually). He just grew up by studies Vedas (Hindu manuscript). It’s true that the vast knowledge of universe encoded in Vedas. Aryabhatt doesn’t follow up the western theories because Vedas had already encrypted the entire scientific theories in it. For example- Augustiya Samhita (Hindu manuscript) is actually the guidance of making electrolyte battery. Similarly in Mahabharata (another hindu manuscript) discussed advance voice operated weapons and nuclear weapons.

Aryabhatt was the one who just not only come up with π, 0 or decimals. He was the one who shows continuous series of algebra, he was the one who bring place value system. Aryabhatt was the only one who actually redefine everything. Hence, the Aryabhatt should proudly and broadly accepted by everyone as ‘God Of Technology’.